Personal Training and Group Fitness Services

Why you need a Personal Trainer

Spending your hard-earned money on a Personal Trainer is actually a very wise investment in your health that will benefit you the rest of your life.

With a Personal Trainer, you get:

  • customized exercise program
  • instruction on how to exercise safely with proper technique
  • accountability
  • motivation and encouragement
  • learn new exercises
  • help to break through plateaus or walls
  • help and supervision during your session
  • and so much more

Train with me for as long as you need or want, but you'll get a discount if you buy a block of training.

Personal Training

I will provide personal training to you in your home, at a public fitness facility or anywhere we can. But before we start your training, we first meet to discuss your specific needs and goals. That way you get a fitness program designed just for you.

As you progress in your training, the fitness program is adjusted to ensure you stay challenged and keep you moving towards your fitness goals.

I will work with you in the comfort of your own home or at a public location. If you have equipment you want to use, we'll use that, or I will supply some basic equipment along with the expertise, encouragement and coaching. I can also train you using kettlebells, if you have them. Kettlebell training is a wonderful functional fitness program that helps you get stronger.

If you would rather train at a gym, I will work with you at a pubic (city owned) fitness facility or a club where you can bring in outside trainers (most private gyms don't allow outside trainers).

If you want to train with a friend, spouse or partner, I also provide partner training (2–3 people at a time).

Do you just want a fitness program and help getting going, but not a weekly session with me? I can also develop a custom fitness program for you, walk you through the program to get you going, and if needed, update your program and ensure you are exercising safely and correctly.

Other services include:

Training Rates

For personal training, rates are per hour/session. The initial consultation is free and the program design and ongoing updates are included. Depending on the distance I have to travel, there might be an additional travel charge.

  • $60 for 1–4 sessions, or pay as you go
  • $55 for 5–9 sessions
  • $50 for 10–15 sessions
  • $45 for 16+ sessions
  • Partner training and group fitness instruction is negotiable
  • Gym facility drop-in fee not included and will be paid by client.

Do you have health benefits with work, such as a health spending account or a fitness or other health benefit? You can use these to help pay for your personal training sessions.


We're all busy with limited time, so only I train a few clients at a time, and primarily in the evenings or Saturdays. I try my best to accommodate your schedule.

Group Fitness

I am a group fitness instructor, specializing in mobile equipment and also older adult fitness. I can provide group classes anywhere and create classes based on need and participants. I specialize in functional fitness and movement, and incorporate these types of exercises in all my classes.

  • Rates and times are negotiable.

Forms and resources

The truth about exercise and eating healthy

There are lots of reasons for you to exercise, and I'm sure you know most of them already. The human body is designed to move and work with the potential to do amazing things. If you donít exercise, you wonít move as freely as you need to with confidence and without pain.

Eating nutritious, health-promoting food is the fuel for our strength, energy, vitality and a healthier body. If you donít stay fit and eat health-promoting food, youíre more likely to suffer from a chronic illness or pain as you get older, and your muscles will shrink, bone density decrease, and fat increase.

Young or old, changing our lifestyle choices to incorporate healthy activity and eating habits is important. The benefits far outweigh the effort, and fitness actually gets more enjoyable the more you do it Ė you get stronger and you feel better and you have a better self image.

Being able to move freely gives you many more options in life, especially as you get older. Whether itís keeping up with your children or grandchildren, travelling, taking care of loved ones, or even increasing your libido, you have at least one reason to get or stay in shape.